Beat the Heat!

What are the differences between Trivets, Heat Diffusers, Hot Pads & Pot Holders?

Burner trivets are helpful in keeping pans away from the direct heat of electric and other solid elements of range burners. They are necessary when using most heat resistant glass utensils.

The Reducer trivet is useful to place over your burner when you need to steady small pans, like butter warmers, or small stovetop espresso makers.

Heat diffusers are often needed to decrease the amount of heat that is directly transferred from the range to the pans. By spreading the heat over its surface, it helps prevent hot spots, and helps keep food from sticking to the bottom of your pan. Use a diffuser under pans that don't have a heavy aluminum, copper or iron base. Always use a low-heat setting.

Hot pads are a must if you want to protect your table or countertop from becoming scorched.


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