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Volume III
November, 2013

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Pie Crust Weights

By Sharon Ng

Don't own any of those fancy little ceramic pie weights. Ceramic pie weights are little round ceramic balls that sit on your pie crust, while it is baking. Here is a solution for you that will help to keep your pie crusts weighted to prevent shrinking, bubbling and burning.

Starting with a cold crust, ready to put into the oven, gently lay a piece of foil over the dough. Fill the shell with coffee beans. Make sure to avoid any actual beans from touching the dough. Wiggle the pan gently to allow beans to settle in, but do not press them into the dough.

If you have an aversion to the coffee bean, or don't have any handy, you can also use other dried beans, such as pinto beans, or even rice in a pinch!


Sharon Ng
Monthly Newsletter Contributor since 2012

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