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Volume III
November, 2013

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My grandmother used to make popcorn balls by melting sugar in a large skillet and pouring the hot sugar over the popcorn. She would then butter her hands and form the balls. They were the best popcorn balls ever and the neighborhood kids loved them. Actually, I love popcorn just about any way you can make it. Kettle corn - Yum.
Our area as gone from over 100 kids each year to only one child last year. People have started taking the kids to the mall, the stores downtown (small town) and to the churches and trunk or treat. It is so much safer.
This year we are also giving out small tops, whistles. etc. from Oriental Traders. 1 toy, 1 piece of chocolate. Chocolate costs about the same as the toy and it cuts down on the sugar for the kids.
I make a variety of homemade goodies and give them out to all the kiddos in our family, Everyone always asks if I made popcorn balls. And I usually do. It's a tradition passed down from my own grandmother.
My Mother used to get some rolls of dimes and give them instead of sweets.
I usually give out small packs of pretzels because my salty goes real well with all the chocolate they already got.

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