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Volume III
November, 2013

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Easy Turkey-Shaped Rolls

By Carrie Collette

I saw this idea a couple weeks ago and fell in love with it. It is fun and easy. Plan on bringing these adorable additions to your family Thanksgiving dinner this year. Everyone will love them.


Make your favorite roll dough recipe and let it rise according to the directions of the recipe. After its first rise, roll dough into a large circle on a floured surface. Using a pizza cutter, cut the circle into 16 triangles. Or use frozen roll dough and let it unthaw completely before rolling into a circle and cutting.

Next, place triangles into muffin tins with the two ends extending out over the top. Strategically place dough so that triangles do not touch one another like so:

Then, using a toothpick, poke two holes into the thin tip of the triangles to make the eyes of the turkey.

Now, use kitchen shears to cut 3-4 slits into the wide end of the triangle to create the feathers in the tail of the turkey.

Cover rolls and let rise until they have doubled in size (usually about 35 minutes). Once risen, place rolls into preheated oven and cook according to the directions of your recipe. Brush rolls with butter immediately after taking them out of the oven. Place them onto a cooling rack to cool.

Carrie Collette
Monthly Newsletter Contributor since 2013

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