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Volume III
June, 2011

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Pavlova and Meringue

How long does the Pavlova Torte and the Shebang Meringue Cookies bake?




Pavlova and meringues have an interesting way of cooking. The Pavlova recipe starts with the oven on and as soon as you put the torte in the oven the heat is turned off and it basically dries in the oven for 3 hours or more. Further drying takes place after it is removed from the oven.

The "Shebang Meringue" is also oven dried. Some meringue recipes will cook the meringue and others will call for drying in a turned off oven. You can even leave the cookies in the oven overnight in a turned off oven. There are several ways to make meringues and I should have clarified that point more clearly in my article.

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