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Volume III
February, 2011

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Cake Bite Versatility!

This nice comment from our Cook'n reader Kay Pacheco got me thinking, what a fun idea it would be to make heart-shaped cake bites for Valentine's Day! Yum :)

Hello Kathy,

I am a long time Cook'n user and saw the clip that you and Dan made about the cake bites recipe shortly before Christmas. They were such a huge hit at my house. We all enjoyed them very much.

This coming Friday my mother-in-law turns 89! We live nearly 200 miles from her. We are driving to Houston as a surprise to take her out to lunch. I decided to make cake bites instead of the usual cake for her. I used a mini heart shaped cookie cutter and cut out each little cake bite. I have 104 to make the trip. (They are back in the freezer for a little while before I dip them so that they will be a little easier to handle.) In a few hours a will dip them and then place them in a container for the trip. I am sure that we will have none left over after the journey.

Thank you for such a lovely idea. These cake bites make celebrating enjoyable without breaking the bank when indulging in such a decadent treat.

God bless you.

Kay Pacheco

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