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Volume I
March 21, 2003

Wrapping it Up

Food properly wrapped will reach its maximum storage life without changes to texture, flavor, or nutrient value. Meats can be frozen directly in their supermarket packaging if you plan to use them within a month or two. For longer storage, however, overwrap them in a plastic bag or foil.

The best types of packaging include heavy-duty aluminum foil, freezer bags, plastic wrap, and laminated freezer paper. Butcher paper, waxed paper, stretch wrap, and thin plastic bags won't protect the food from freezer burn.

These two food-wrapping methods will fight off the burn of Jack Frost.

Drugstore Method:
1. Center meat on paper.
2. Bring two sides of paper together at the top.
3. Roll down paper about 1/2 inch.
4. Fold rolled edge down snugly against meat.
5. Turn package over and press air out from sides.
6. Fold ends into triangles, bring to center, and tape to secure.
7. Label and date.

Butcher Method:
1. Place meat at one corner of paper.
2. Tuck corner under meat and roll meat tightly in the paper towards the opposite corner.
3. Tuck in the sides, pressing out any air, as you roll to the end of the corner.
4. Seal open edges with freezer tape.

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