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Volume I
March 21, 2003

Meals and Menu Planning

         Cook'n lets you combine recipes to make menus. Sometimes, however, a menu may consist of food items. For example, the following menu calls for corn, French Freedom Bread, milk, and cantaloupe.

         Spaghetti Casserole
         Green Salad
         1 can of whole kernel corn
         1 loaf of French Freedom bread
         1/2 gallon of milk
         1 cantaloupe

Many people ask how they can create a menu like this with their Cook'n software. I'm going to give you some neat ideas that will simplify this process for you.

         One solution is to create a recipe that calls for 1/2 gallon of milk, another recipe that calls for 1 cantaloupe, etc. but this isn't the most efficient method.
         A better solution is to create meals. A meal is a combination of recipes and food items. In this case, we could create a Spaghetti Casserole Meal and add that one item to our menu.
         To create a meal with your Cook'n software, click Recipes on the toolbar and create a new cookbook. Rather than calling it "Oaks Family Recipes," call it "Oaks Family Meals." Add a chapter to this book and call it "Dinner Meals." Now create a new recipe and name it "Spaghetti Casserole Meal."
         Add the Spaghetti Casserole recipe to this meal by clicking the "Add Recipe" button and choosing the Spaghetti Casserole recipe from the Recipe Bookshelf. Next, add the Green Salad recipe by clicking "Add Recipe" and choosing the Green Salad recipe from the Recipe Bookshelf. Add 1 can of corn just like you would enter any other ingredient in a recipe. Continue entering ingredients until the meal is complete.
         When you finish combining all of the recipes and food items, you can enter instructions related to this meal. For example, these instructions may give timing suggestions, preparation tips, serving suggestions and any other information with regard to the meal as a whole.
         Once your meal is complete, save it and then add it to your menu just as you would add a recipe to your menu.
         By using this technique, menu planning will be easier than ever!

                  Happy Cook'n!

                  -Dan @ DVO

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