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Volume I
March 21, 2003

Foods that Can't Take the Cold

You can adjust many of your favorite recipes to freezer fare through awareness of foods that won't freeze well and solutions to the problems they present. Use this chart to help you create a freezer full of the recipes your family already loves.

No-Freezer Foods: Problem: Solution:
Bread crumb toppings soggy reheat uncovered, to crisp up
Cooked egg white tough, rubbery freeze only uncooked egg white
Cottage cheese, commercial separates, gritty, mushy stir, but may still have funny texture
Cream cheese watery, gritty stir into recipes, don't use as spread
Crisp vegetables and fruit with high water content (celery, melons, lettuce, tomatoes lose crispness use in cooked dishes, not fresh
Custard, cream fillings, meringue soggy, separates no solution!
Egg white frostings (boiled frostings, cakes with cream fillings) foams use butter icing instead
Egg yolk thick, syrupy, doesn't blend well use for scrambled eggs
Fried foods soggy, loses crispness no solution
Instant rice too mushy freeze regular cooked rice instead
Mayonnaise separates use whipped salad dressing instead
Potatoes in soups, stews darken, mushy add to recipe after thawing or raw to recipe after cooling, before freezing
Sour cream thin, watery, separates stir; use for dips, spreads, not as topping

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