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Volume I
November 18, 2002

RoseMary -- Herb of Remembrance

         A lovely name, a lovely plant, a lovely ingredient! Rosemary seems to be a perennial favorite in the garden and on the grill. Often found growing near the ocean in Mediterranean lands, rosemary's Latin name means "dew of the sea." With it's many uses, one might just as easily refer to it as "do of the kitchen."

Recall meals of lamb paired with rosemary, grilled kabobs on rosemary stalks instead of skewers, tomato pasta sauce seasoned with flecks of this crushed herb. If you remember such meals, rosemary's age-old reputation of promoting memory is at work in you. Anciently, Greek students braided sprigs of the silvery herb into their hair before exams hoping it would make up for their lack of study. Then, in England, rosemary bunches memorialized the graves of heroes.

Back to the kitchen, before using rosemary, crush its needle-like leaves to prevent them from pricking your mouth. After that step, couple rosemary with pork, poultry, fish, or lamb. Sprinkle some into your scrambled eggs, cheese sauces, or cream cheese for bagels. Toss the piney leaves into your bread or biscuit dough, into your Thanksgiving stuffing, and atop roasted vegetables. When the outdoor cooking bug bites you, grab fresh sprigs of rosemary and toss them into the flames for instant flavor. A new trend pairs rosemary with citrus. Next time you make lemon cake or bars, add a savory sensation with a teaspoon of crushed rosemary. Your desserts will become inevitably memorable.

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