From Tree To Table

Olea Europaea
The Beauty of the Olive Tree
Growing Olives
Harvesting Olives
Curing Olives
Pressing Olives to Make Oil
Grades of Olive Oil
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Virgin Olive Oil
Pure Olive Oil
Other Olive Oils

Olives in Your Own Backyard

Understanding the Effect of Climate
Choosing a Site
Choosing the Best Time to Plant Your Tree
Choosing the Best Variety
Cold Climates
Moderate Climates
Warm Climates
Choosing the Best Plant
Planting Your Olive Tree
Planting Your Tree Outdoors
Planting Your Tree in a Container
Caring For Your Olive Tree
Olives at Monticello
Understanding the Harvest

Cocktails and Party Fare

The Perfect Dry Martini
The Dirty Martini
The Martini's Finishing Touch
Jessica's Special Stuffed Olives
Spicy Marinated Olives
Cheese Bite Surprise
Basic Bruschetta
Spinach Bruschetta with Feta Cheese
Easy Bruschetta
Easy Olive Tapenade
Olive Oil Refrigerator Pickles
Olive and Garbanzo Bean Tapenade
Old-Style French Tapenade
Chunky Hot Pepper Dip
Eight-Layer Mexican Dip

Salad Dressings and Sauces

Thomas Jefferson's Favorite Dressing
Classic Vinaigrette
Tart and Spicy Vinaigrette
Spicy Vinaigrette with Cilantro
Sweet and Sassy Citrus Vinaigrette
Italian Dressing
Mayonnaise Mustard Sauce
Classic French Dressing
Tomato-Soup French Dressing
Olive Butter
Mixer Mayo
Remoulade Sauce


Ready-When-You-Are Roasted Garlic
Roasted Mixed Vegetables
Roasted Peppers in Marinade
Roasted Portabella Mushrooms
Olive Oil-Roasted Potatoes
Oven-Roasted Dirty Potatoes
Baby Lima Beans with Garlic and Tarragon
Roasted Green Beans



Olives of the World

The Middle East
North Africa
The Americas
Central and South America
Making Your Selection
Olives At A Glance
Hold Your Own Olive Tasting
Storing Olives and Olive Oils

The Art of Olive Making

Working With Lye
Green Olives
Spanish-Style Green Olives
Black Olives
Dry Salt-Cured Olives
Brine-Cured Olives
When Good Olives Turn Bad
Hot and Spicy Sicilian-Style Olives

Sandwich Spreads and Sandwiches

Ripe Olive and Cream Cheese Spread
Pecan-Olive Cream Cheese Spread
Making the Olive Oil Decision
Open-Faced Mushroom Sandwich
The Antipasto Sandwich
Hearty Veggie Surprise Sandwich
Stuffed Olives and Cream Cheese Spread


Classic Cole Slaw
Greek Cole Slaw
Salad Nicoise
Olive and Garbanzo Salad
Greek-Inspired Garbanzo Picnic Salad
Italian Antipasto Salad
Island Vegetable Salad
Strawberry and Red Onion Summer Salad
Grilled Shrimp Surprise Salad
Arabian Olive, Onion, and Orange Salad
Sunny Mediterranean Olive and Orange Salad
Greek Green Bean Salad
Chinese Rice Salad
Classic Italian Bread Salad
All-American Hot Potato Salad
Italian-Flag Dilled Vegetables


Mediterranean Vegetable Bake
Penne Pasta and Olives with Orange Zest
Hungarian Noodles with Cabbage and Cottage Cheese
Lamb and Olive Stew
Mediterranean Meatloaf

The History of the Olive

Legends and Myths
Rich Olive Traditions
The Worldwide Travels of the Olive
The Olive Takes Root in Greece
The Olive Arrives in Italy
The Olive Flourishes in the Middle East
The Olive Travels to Spain
France Joins in the Harvest
The Olive Tree Continues to Spread Its Roots
The New World

Olives, Health, and Beauty

A Historical Overview
What's In The Olive Tree?
The Olive
The Olive Leaves and Bark
How Does the Olive Tree Affect Your Health?
Getting the Skinny on Fats
Olive Oil and Cardiovascular Disease
Olive Oil and Cancer
Olive Oil and Osteoporosis
Olive Oil and Weight Loss
The Olive Leaf
The Olive Leaf and Infection
The Olive Leaf and Cardiovascular Disease
The Naturally Healing Olive
Olive Leaf Tea
Cold and Cough Compress
Sinus Mask
Olive Oil and St. John's Wort Liniment
Olive Oil and Beauty
Olive and Oats Moisturizing Lotion
Olive Oil and Cream Face Cleanser
Olive Oil and Strawberry Face Cleanser
Olive Oil and Lemon Cream Face Cleanser
Olive Oil and Egg Deep-Cleaning Mask
Olive Oil and Apple Toning Mask
Olive Oil and Honey Softening Mask
Olive Oil and Egg Tightening Mask
Olive Oil and Honey Hair Conditioner
Olive Oil and Tea Eye Soother
Egg and Olive Oil Hair Conditioner

Cooking With Olives and Olive Oil

Infused Olive Oils

Garlic Infused Olive Oil
Lemon-Infused Olive Oil
A Dazzling Hostess Gift
Sundried Tomato and Thyme Olive Oil
Garlic-and-Rosemary-Infused Olive Oil


Greek Vegetable Soup
Hearty Bean Soup
Fisherman's Soup

Breads, Muffins, and Cakes

Baking With Olive Oil
Banana-Nut Bread
Easy Devil's Food Cake
Easy Olive-Rye Bread-Machine Bread
Grandma's Raisin-Bran Muffins
Happy Healthy Brownies
Old-Fashioned Olive Bread
Sugarless and Flourless Fruit and Nut Cookies