You've Been Chopping Lettuce Wrong!

It's really quite fun when you watch a two minute video about something and it changes everything you thought you knew about a topic. Chopping and washing seems like a thoughtless task that you don't really think twice about, right? You've probably been doing it the same way forever and probably didn't think there was a better way to do things. But my friends, there is. There is a much easier way and I'll not be lazy about cutting lettuce anymore!

I'll admit that I have indeed been quite lazy when it comes to lettuce and salads. I am a big believer in Taco Tuesday and I love some nice, fresh crispy lettuce shredded on top. And I also love salads but I really do not like chopping lettuce and washing lettuce. Therefore, rather than spend 97 cents on a whole head of lettuce--I usually buy prepackaged lettuce, spending around $5-6 dollars in order to get a whole head of lettuce worth.

So here is the skinny on how to chop lettuce really easily so you will now save time and money!


STEP 1: CUT IN HALF. You're probably thinking step one is to take the whole head of lettuce and wash it as best as you can. That's where you're wrong. Most people, myself included, try our best to wash the whole lettuce head and are pretty much really only washing the outer leaf really well. You can just go ahead and start cutting right into it and you will wash it thoroughly after cutting. Start at the base and cut from the stubby end where the root was to tips of the leaves in half. Leave that stubby end intact because that will help hold it all together.

STEP 2: CUT IN QUARTERS. Next, you are going to cut in half again until you are left with four quarters. If you are making a wedge salad, just make sure to cut off that root part at the base and you are good to go (after washing thoroughly).

STEP 3: CUT THE REST INTO SIZES YOU NEED. Now is where you cut to the size of lettuce you need. If you are wanting shredded lettuce, start at the leafy tip end and slice thin cuts until you have the amount needed. If are wanting salad-size lettuce pieces, cut about every inch to inch and a half and chop it up as needed.

STEP 4: WASH THOROUGHLY AND SPIN DRY. Place lettuce in a colander and wash thoroughly. Place in salad spinner and spin until no water remains. If you do not have a salad spinner, place washed lettuce on clean towel or paper towel and gently pat dry.

STEP 5: BASK IN THE EASE OF THE TASK AND ENJOY! You did it! You have now found the easiest and most effective way to chop lettuce for every use. Now get out there and enjoy Taco Tuesday or Green Salad Sundays even more!


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