Homemade Magic Shell- With So Many Flavor Possibilities!

It’s getting nice and hot, and I’m sure our family isn’t the only one increasing their ice cream consumption ;). One of my favorite things to put on ice cream is magic shell. As a kid- it really does seem like magic! Super runny and smooth and chocolatey one minute, and beautifully hardened the next! As an adult, I love the soft crisp of biting into a bite of magic shell, and of course- the chocolate ;).

Did you know you can MAKE your own magic shell? It only takes 2 ingredients, can be made up in a matter of seconds, and you know exactly what’s going into your homemade chocolate sauce, which is always a plus!

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Maybe you’re bored of regular ol’ magic shell. Or you’re someone who likes to try new things- either way, you don’t have to limit yourself to regular chocolate magic shell! Since this recipe only requires 2 ingredients, you have a lot of flexibility to try different variations!

*Butterscotch Magic Shell- just substitute the chocolate chips with butterscotch chips- I love the beautiful color this produces!

*Cookie Butter Magic Shell- excuse me while I go buy some cookie butter…..seriously, what a creative and tasty wonderful idea!! Just use a cup of cookie butter instead of chocolate chips to make this heavenly variation.

*Orange Creamsicle Magic Shell- one of the best flavors ever, in my humble opinion ;). I’m drooling thinking of pouring this on my next bowl of ice cream! Use white chocolate chips instead of semi-sweet, and add the orange zest from one orange and the seeds from one vanilla bean.

*Raspberry Chocolate Magic Shell- raspberry and chocolate are just a match made in heaven, and putting it on top of ice cream can only be perfection! Freeze-dried raspberry powder can help you achieve this fun variation, or an extract is sure to do the trick as well!

*Peppermint Magic Shell- how beautiful is the color on this? It’s almost too pretty to eat- but not quite ;). And the substitution is so easy- just use Hershey’s Candy Cane Kisses! Those might be a little hard to find this time of year, but keep this in mind when the holidays come around! (Unless you have a secret stash of peppermint kisses with which you’ve been looking for the perfect recipe to try…..I may or may not be guilty ;) ).

*Mint Chocolate Magic Shell- if you don’t care about the pink color but want that delicious mint chocolate flavor, simply add a few drops of mint extract to your chocolate and coconut oil concoction.

*Cookies n’ Cream- this one just looks dangerous for my waistline! Use white chocolate chips and throw in some crushed Oreos- can I just eat THIS for dessert? ;)

*Chocolate Peanut Butter- use a mixture of semi-sweet chocolate chips with peanut butter chips to get that delectable chocolate peanut butter flavor! My husband would go crazy for this one! (Tip- if you’re wanting that peanut butter flavor but want to save on a few calories, use a little bit of peanut butter powder instead!)

*Peanut Butter Magic Shell- for those of you who want to skip the chocolate and get right to the goodness of peanut butter ;).

I can’t wait to try some of these, and to pair them with various flavors of ice cream too! Which of these are you dying to try?

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