Unique Snacks You Haven’t Seen Before

I always think I know what my favorite treat/snack is… until someone introduces me to something new. And then I fall in love all over again. Recently, I was introduced to a couple new snacks that I have absolutely LOVED. And I thought, why not share the love? These are snacks I haven’t seen just anywhere, but they are worth the search- and the calories ;).

First- DID YOU KNOW THEY HAVE WHITE CHOCOLATE CADBURY EGGS?? My life has changed forever, and I’m not sure if it’s for better or for worse ;). I am a huge Cadbury egg fan, and a huge white chocolate fan- put them together?? Heaven… and a very large waistline ;). I never saw these in my local grocery stores, but my mom and sister did- and you better believe I was sent home with a bag ;). And you better believe that this is what the Easter bunny will be bringing me next year as well!

Then we have these Dark Chocolate Crunchy Clusters in a Berry Medley Flavor. I recently discovered these thanks to my sweet mother-in-law, and I am totally addicted. They are the perfect combination of crispy, tart, sweet, chocolatey goodness. And they’re small, which makes them perfect snack size! She found them at Costco, though I’m sure you could find them other places as well. I’m pretty sure I know what this Mama wants for Mother’s Day ;).

Another delicious Costco find (darn you Costco and your tasty snacks in bulk size!!) These are light and crunchy, yet deliciously rich and sweet and SUPER ADDICTING. What is it with the combination of sweet/salty/crunch that is so addicting? I highly recommend purchasing these for an upcoming family gathering, because once you open that bag it will take a crazy amount of self-control to not eat the entire thing ;).

I have only been able to find these at the store once. I’ll have to buy a few bags if I ever find them again! Corn on the Cob flavored popcorn. It sounds very strange, but it totally works and is extremely tasty! You’re eating popcorn, but tasting- well, corn. And very tasty corn to say the least ;). It’s almost a food-for-though item; you keep taking another bite because your brain can’t figure out if it’s eating popcorn or corn on the cob ;). Either way, it’s delicious!

Ok, if you’re hoping to find something at least kind of healthy on this list, here is a great option ;). Terra’s Sweet Potato Chips- I’m a huge fan of sweet potato and I thought these were fantastic! Not as healthy as the real deal ;), but a great substitution for your average potato chip! It’s like eating crunchy sweet potato fries- please and thank you! Ok, so maybe they’re not that healthy, but they are still delicious;). I just found these at my local Walmart!

Now for a disclaimer- I am pretty easy to please;). I’m really not too picky in general. My husband is much pickier than I am, so he didn’t love some of these, but this article was about my personal favorites ;). I’d be curious to hear what you think about them! Have you tried any of the ones I listed? And if so, what did you think? Do you have any favorite snacks that are unique and out of the ordinary? I’d love to hear about them!

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