5 Day Meal Plan

    Rose Turnbow
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DoveTailing Tips

Buy a roast large enough to have for Shredded Beef Tacos and for Day 5, Mexican Steak Torta.

Use leftover Spanish Rice to serve on Day 5, with the Tortas. (don’t make the recipe on that day, if you use the leftover rice. Add a can of black beans to the Spanish rice, to make it different, if you wish).

DoveTailing Tips

When chopping the pistachios for the salad, finely chop 1 extra cup and keep in a zip-lock bag to use on Day 4, Pistachio Thumbprint cookies.

Be sure to buy 2 pounds of pizza crust dough. You will use it today in the Cinnamon Twists and then again on Day 4, Jimmbo’s Garlic Knots.

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