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Volume IV
January 31, 2014

Weekly Home / 5-Day Meal Plan

5 - Day Meal Plan

By Chef Michael Robbins

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Buy enough frozen berries at the same time for both the waffle topping the the cobbler. Check the price of fresh and consider using some to brighten the dish. Fresh fruit has a stronger flavor and has a better texture, and occasionally can be found for cheaper prices. Consider looking into a local produce co-op (i.e Bountiful Baskets.)

I included two different varieties of sliders this week: lamb sliders for those who’ve always to try lamb but never had a reason to (and for those who already know how superior lamb is to beef in so many ways) and a beef slider for the rest.

We have several recipes this week for the Super Bowl. We used the salsa and the guacamole in case you didn’t get them last week and because they are great party snacks. I love having buffalo wings for Football Sunday and chocolate chip cookies are a easy dessert for a large group of people.

--Chef Mike Robbins

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Meal 1


Chicken Stew


Slow Cooker Berry Cobbler

Dovetailing Tip:
The chicken stew can be made in a crockpot on low for 6-7 hours if you don't have time to make it at night. Wait to put the fresh herbs in until 30 minutes before service. Dried herbs will not work in the recipe.

Meal 2


Lamb Sliders

Alternate option: Beef Sliders


Fresh Pico de Gallo


Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Dovetailing Tip:
Make the waffle batter several hours before you want to eat. You can also make the compote up to 2 days in advance if you have more time one day.

Meal 3


Chocolate Waffles


Blueberry Compote

Serve with: Scrambled Eggs, Orange juice, & Milk

Meal 4


Buffalo Wings


Potato Salad

Serve with: mixed vegetables

Meal 5


Sloppy Jane

Serve with: side salad


Banana Caramel Tart

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Chef Michael Robbins
Weekly Newsletter Contributer since 2013

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