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In the latest version of Cook'n for iOS, we replaced the boring wait icon with a cool, animated strawberry icon. One user was concerned that this was slowing down performance of the app. In case others have a similar concern, this is the exchange:

Glenn: "I am contacting to express my annoyance over your new logo. I have no issue seeing it when the app launches, but you now have it appear when you press anything. When I click on a recipe I expect the recipe to load, not an annoying strawberry. Even when I press contact support, I was forced to watch it load yet again. Please undo this annoyance."

Dan: "Thank you for the valuable feedback. I see what you mean. If I was using an app and suddenly the performance slowed down because the developers added some cute animation, that would drive me crazy! Don't get cute! Just let me do the thing that I was trying to do!!

However, that is not the case in this instance. We didn't actually add this strawberry animation to Cook'n. Rather, we REPLACED the existing "wait" icon with this animated strawberry.

That is to say, this strawberry logo isn't causing the app to perform more slowly. It's not making you wait any longer than you were waiting before. Instead of a boring spinning dots icon, you see an animated strawberry instead...that's all.

In fact, when it came to implementation, we literally replaced the previous wait icon with this animated strawberry in one place in the source code and wherever the wait icon was displayed previously, the strawberry now appears.

I hope this information helps. Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns."

Glenn: "I would love to see some performance data to back that claim up. There is enough of a perceived performance hit that I feel annoyed while waiting for the strawberry to complete. There are a lot of good performance monitoring tools like grafana or dynatrace and many others. I find it difficult to believe I had no perceived performance issues prior to the change and now I have to wait for the animation to complete in entirety before page loads."

Dan: I checked with my developers about this issue. They confirmed what I said earlier that this change had no effect on performance. The only thing that changed was the wait icon. There were no other code changes.

Having said that, I found an iPad in the office with a version of Cook'n on it that hadn't updated yet. Obviously, there are some minor speed differences between an iPad and an iPhone but, for the most part, you can see in the following screen recording that the performance is nearly identical.

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