Can Food Help You Stop Yawning?

Do you ever have one of those episodes where it seems you just can’t stop yawning? I mean, we all yawn occasionally, but sometimes it gets to the point where I’m yawning a couple times a minute- it can be quite the jaw workout! And quite annoying- especially when you’re trying to read a story to your child or have a normal conversation. Or when you’re writing an article about yawning and thus feel the inclination to yawn after every sentence…. (I dare you to read this without yawning once!).

Luckily, we can find remedies to almost anything in the kitchen- and yawning is no exception!

The main reason most of us yawn is fatigue. We’re just plain tired! And one of the best ways to combat drowsiness is with something cold. Start with a tall glass of ice water. If you can lower the temperature at all, that will help as well- but the ice water alone should do the trick! You can add some flavor with lemon slices or mint leaves if you want something even more refreshing! If you’re wanting to snack on something, think of cold, hydrating foods. While ice cream is definitely cold, try for something a little healthier. Chilled watermelon or cucumber from the fridge would be a great snack- refreshing, healthy, and cold!

The other reason these things can be so effective is because yawning can also be a sign of hydration. So naturally, the best way to combat that is to get some liquid in your body! And ice water, watermelon, and cucumber are all great ways to do that (and any other food with a high water content).

If your yawning is truly coming from a lack of sleep, there are foods you can eat to give you a little boost of energy. Nuts, seeds, chard, spinach and other foods high in magnesium can help your body boost its energy levels. Also, make sure you’re eating enough healthy carbs. Whole grains and other complex carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes are a great way to get the energy boost that carbs can give you in a very healthy way! And speaking of healthy carbs, citrus fruits are another great option- because the smell itself can be invigorating! Grab a clementine, add some lemon to your water, or diffuse some citrus essential oils to get that delicious and energy-boosting smell! Dark chocolate can be another secret weapon. Too much might give you a sugar crash, but a small piece might be just what you need to make it through the afternoon slumps!

If you’re really feeling desperate, you can also grab a cool wet cloth and put it on your neck or forehead. This will help cool your body down and wake you up- hopefully putting an end to your excessive yawning!

Another cause of yawning can simply be boredom! This can be pretty easily fixed in the kitchen- grab your favorite cookbook and try a new recipe! Turn on some music and have some fun with it! I love baking cakes and desserts, so I’ll always take another excuse to bake!

These tricks are pretty simple, but can be really effective in combating those annoying yawning sessions! I’d love to hear your tricks, and if you try any of these, share with us below!


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