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Oh endless lists of to do's that clutter and fill our lives! Do you ever just get overwhelmed with all the lists of do's that you don't seem to ever get done? I have learned to just be happy even if there is one thing crossed off or checked off the list. But lists don't have to be daunting or stressful; they really can become your saving grace. When you think of your lists are they things you love, or things that make you happy or things you really need? Many of us have lists that form within our kitchen; groceries, kitchen gadgets we need, recipes we want to try or meals we need to plan out. These lists are awesome! They hold such power to how you organize your health and your sanity! As you go about your busy life having a game plan for what you buy to eat and how you prepare your food can make a huge difference. Many of us just get lazy and end up just running for takeout or prepping the same dish over and over. But taking a little time to prep for your food during the week/month really can make your tummy so much happier. Here are a few helpful lists and tips to keep you excited about cooking and eating this year!

Grocery lists:

Make sure your grocery list matches the food portions of what you're supposed to eat! This way you are always buying what you should to be healthy! People often say they just don't get enough veggies or they have too many carbs. But really if you shop right that should never happen. Have you ever observed other peoples carts at the grocery store? I have noticed that those with a cultural background and heritage fill their carts with more fresh foods than those who are accustomed to a 1st world American diet. Don't just grab all the pre-made foods; make sure your list and cart are filled with good fresh items. Often times trying out a new recipe that requires fresh ingredients can assist in this new fresh grocery goal. This leads to the next great list.

Recipe Lists:

Are there dishes that you've always wanted to try but forget about them or don't know how to make them? Well we live in an era where there are hundreds upon hundreds of recipes online. Within a click you can find fun and interesting recipes to add some pizzazz to your table meals. Find recipes that use interesting foods you normally wouldn't buy or do the true and tried ones you know you'll enjoy. Searching for dishes that excite you always makes eating more fun!

Menu lists:

I have yet to be good and disciplined with this one, but have heard it is marvelous! Many of us get to the end of a long day and then go, "Oh no I have to make dinner, what am I going to make!?" Having weekly or monthly menus already planned out is a great idea! Take time at the beginning of your month or week to sit down and plan out some menus that make you feel confident and excited to eat your meals each day.

Chef Lists:

This may be one you didn't think about, but who's cooking each night? Trading off with your spouse or roommate, or having your kiddos help out, or doing a dinner group are all ways to make meal planning fun. It's important to get the whole family involved in helping with meals. Not only does it give the one person who's always in charge a break, but it allows for a variety of flavors to come to the table. Your husband may prefer Spanish dishes while you prepare more Italian. Or your kids may love macaroni but you can't face eating it another time! By having everyone help in meal planning you'll mix it up and get a variety on your table. Getting kids to plan meals teaches them so much about the importance of food; grocery shopping, timing your foods, and pairing foods together. Let their names be in the rotation of helping cook.

I hope you find this New Year to be a healthy and happy one in your kitchen! See if some of these helpful lists can help that goal become a reality. And share what tips or lists you use to help your kitchen stay yummy below.


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