The Anatomy of an Acai Bowl

There are so many variations to the classic acai bowl. But before getting overwhelmed with all the ingredients, let’s go over the basics:

1 packet frozen acai

1 banana

½ cup liquid

½ cup granola

Run frozen acai packet under hot water for 10 seconds to barely thaw it. Then toss it in the blender with half the banana and ½ cup liquid—juice tastes best but you can use anything! Then pour into a bowl and top with remaining banana (cut into coins) and some granola for texture.

The secret ingredient for a successful acai bowl? Use a favorite bowl and spoon! Eating an acai bowl isn’t just a meal, it’s an event! You need a bowl and spoon you love to maximize your acai experience!!

If you want to get more creative, here are a few ideas for delicious and nutritious toppings:

Crushed almond bits

Fresh berries

Hemp or chia seeds

Peanut (or any nut) butter

Coconut flakes



Pureed mango

Acai bowls are delicious at home or on the beach. Enjoy!


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