Is this a good Receipt?

Are you ever in need of finding a really good receipt? A receipt that makes your taste buds excited just by looking at the list of foods it contains. When you discover that delicious receipt do you like to go over how much you've saved in calories? It's always good to find a healthy receipt that contains ingredients that keep you strong. A receipt can tell you so much about what types of foods a person enjoys eating and making. Does it list fresher or more processed ingredients? Now think about your favorite receipt... what type of food is it, what does it say about you? look back and see if you've been noticing a misspelled word within these inquiries. Indeed, receipt is NOT the same thing as a recipe. However this is one word, among many, that is commonly misspelled in our society. The spelling of a word in the world of food can teach you a great deal.

In our world of modern food and fast paced schedules this little mishap in spelling could actually teach you a lot about a person. Eating habits in our society revolve around sports, holidays, work schedules, tv programs and countless other things that pull for our time. When we choose to have a receipt become our recipe we can gamble with the health of our bodies. What a blessing it is to live in a modern age where food, more often than not, in America is easily accessible and available to us. But with this ease we lose skills and importance of food preparation and freshness. When a receipt is what reflects your eating habits it can and does say a lot about what you take the time to put in your body. Is this receipt from the grocery store with fresh and canned ingredients for a recipe you found on Cook'n? Or is it the list of greasy fast food items you just got handed through a window? The Internet booms with recipes and healthy fun meals to make for you and your family. There are countless recipes to explore and try to help you eat in more than out, and help those receipts reflect a healthier and happier you! This is not to say getting a bag of burgers and fries is bad but don't let those be the bulk of your receipts at the end of month. One fun way to cut out more receipts and add more recipes to your menu is to copycat your favorite fast foods. Find a fries recipe that you love, learn how to make a gourmet burger at home, enjoy adding extra goodies that aren't provided at a fast food counter to your version! This is a fun way to get creative recipes going in your life but also cut down on the receipts and bills of eating out.

The battle of a simple spelling error in the world of cooking can also make a big difference. Have you ever misread an ingredient measurement or the actual ingredient? Resulting in adding too much salt or using baking powder instead of baking soda. When your recipe fails this can be frustrating, but learning to know the difference between ingredients, what certain ingredients do, and what measurements mean can be invaluable. Gaining this knowledge allows you to be a great culinary judge that knows her ingredients like a chemist knows her elements. As we know knowledge is power!

Gaining an understanding of the language of food and cooking is exciting and fun. It allows you to have the knowledge necessary to make any recipe a delight and joy to make. The next receipt you get handed for food, take a peak and see what's on it. Pat yourself on the back as those prices go down and ingredients improve. Make tools like Cook'n come alive in your life and find recipes that make your body happy and kitchen smell delicious. Treat yourself to some happy eat'n!!!!

    Carolyn Spencer
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