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Volume III
March, 2012

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Veggie Cooking Poll

What is Your Favorite Vegetable Cooking Method?

Steaming 31%
Boiling 8%
Sauteing 13%
Grilling 8%
Pressure Cooking 4%
Roasting 25%
Frying 1%
Stir-Fry, Tempura, Other Exotic Methods 12%

Total Votes: 130


Actually, I like the top 6 on the list. ;)

raw is best for most

I said steaming, but roasting is a close second. But some things, like collards and onions, are really best sauteed.

In a cast iron skillet placed on the grill

I like to cook mine in the microwave.

The Best of both worlds- steaming to take out the rawness and bright color and still have the bite and slight crunch of raw! Love to cook veggies this way!

i like my veggies crunchie

Steaming s my favorite coooking method but my favorite way to eat them is Exotic!

roasting is so much more healthy and with the vegetables "carmelizing", they don't need much in the way of extra seasoning!

Helps to keep the Color in the vegetables, roots and Heads

Depends on the veggie!

Deep frying makes anything taste good. Tempura all the way.

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