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Volume III
March, 2012

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White or Red Sauce Poll

I have a confession to make. A confession that was never acceptable growing up and to this day, in fact it will make most of you gasp. So here it is... I have never liked pizza. I know, am I even American? Growing up I was the opposite of excited when I heard our class had earned a "pizza party", at least once could it have not been a "cheeseburger party" or something different!

Incredibly, all this change that wonderful day in my early twenties when I discovered pizza made with white sauce. It was so delectable, I can hardly get enough of it these days :) I know there are many out there who don't think that white sauce pizza should be classified pizza at all, but it's just soo delicious! If you haven't tried it, I urge you to do so right away.

So what kind of sauce does your dream pizza have?


Do you prefer red sauce or white sauce on your pizza?


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