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Volume III
April, 2011

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Dry Muffins Remedy

I made the Double Chocolate Muffins recipe and although it turned out and looked perfect and even had good flavor they were terribly dry. I can try baking a little less but I am sure this will not completely solve the dryness problem. Do you have any suggestions, as I think this recipe has really good potential?

We are all chocoholics and this recipe fits our taste! I do live at about 3400 feet elevation, but we do not normally need to alter recipes. Help?

Janda Linin

Hi Janda,

I'm thinking that the addition of cocoa powder to the recipe in addition to the flour may add too much density, creating a dryer muffin. I suggest cutting the flour back to 1-1/2 cups and then adding the 2/3 cup cocoa powder. The milk in the mixture is more than adequate. Your altitude won't make a difference in this recipe.

Your oven may bake hotter, however. To gauge it, place an oven thermometer in their to determine its accuracy and then adjust as needed. If all else fails, simply devour the muffins dipped in milk!

Hope this helps,


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