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Volume III
April, 2011

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Crowd Pleasing Eats

Kathy and Dan,

My friends, family (especially my 27 year old, newly-wed daughter), and I love the Cake Bite Recipe.

I need help with something. My husband and I cook a great deal. We're good at most everything. So, it's not about cooking. Our need is for some new suggestions.

Just this morning, a friend called to inform us that her 85 year old father is terminally ill. The hospital sent him home to be comfortable during his last days. So, her family is swarming in from all over to take turns helping watch him.

My husband and I want to take some food for visitors to share. We know a lot of casseroles, etc...I even thought about a large platter of rolled meat and cheeses with stacks of different breads flanked by pickles,olives, etc...with a tray of cookies....

Do you have any other suggestions??? I trust you both because I just loved those cake bites!!


Cathy Quillen

Hi Cathy,

In 2002, I wrote about this subject of feeding a crowd. The link to the article is below. I love when compassionate neighbors/friends step in to meet a need. The little things mean the most.

Crowd Pleasing Eats

Best wishes,


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