Refrigerator Door: Foolproof Tips for Stuffing a Turkey!

Serves: 5



If I ever have anything to say about it, the Holiday ‘bird’ will always be stuffed! It is hands down superior in taste to casserole stuffing.

Cooking your stuffing inside the Thanksgiving turkey gives it an unparalleled flavor and texture. As the bird roasts, the juices are absorbed into the stuffing, resulting in a savory, moist, delicious mixture that’s hard to achieve any other way.

Please keep in mind the T-T-S-T steps:

  • Temperature. Your turkey should be at room temperature for an hour before you stuff it. The stuffing should also be at room temperature. After roasting, take the temperature of the stuffing; it should be at 165 degrees when finished.

  • Timing. Stuff your turkey right before it goes into the oven to avoid risk of contamination.

  • Space. Pack the stuffing loosely inside the turkey, because it will expand during cooking. Bake any stuffing that won’t fit in a covered casserole alongside the turkey.

  • Trussing. Truss your turkey after stuffing so it will stay put while the bird roasts.

  • DON’T stuff your turkey if:

  • You’re short on time. A stuffed turkey can take up to an extra hour to roast.

  • You plan to brine your turkey. The brine solution will make your stuffing taste too salty.

  • Now the best tip of all for stuffing a turkey!

    Removing stuffing from the turkey cavity can get complicated—and messy. Here is my expert foolproof tip: Use a cheesecloth!

    Line the turkey cavity first with a cheesecloth that’s been folded in half, then fill it with stuffing. Then when the turkey is done, it is so easy to pull out the cheesecloth and all of the stuffing comes out in one quick motion. There are also cheese cloth bags that you can now purchase to place your stuffing in, that makes for stuffing the bird quite simple.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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