Baby Ruth and Baseball!

Question: It is baseball season and that means candy bars at the ball game. ☺ Everyone’s favorite is the ‘Baby Ruth’. I have heard two different stories of who the ‘Baby Ruth’ candy bar was named after. Can you tell me which one is true?

Answer: The Baby Ruth candy bar—that delicious confection of milk chocolate, peanuts and nougat—was invented in 1921, when New York Yankees slugger Babe Ruth was at peak performance. By 1926, the Curtiss Candy Company was making one million dollars a month on sales of the bar. Meanwhile, Baby Ruth partnered up with a candy company himself, releasing “Ruth’s Home Run Candy.” Curtiss sued for copyright infringement, and the case made it all the way to federal court in 1931. Incredibly, Babe Ruth lost, as Curtiss claimed to have named their bar for the daughter of U.S. President Grover Cleveland.

Baby Ruth’s connection to baseball only strengthened after the legal battle. The season after Ruth’s alleged called shot at Wrigley Field during the 1932 World Series, the Curtiss Candy Company erected an illuminated advertisement for Baby Ruth on a rooftop beyond the ballpark’s center field wall that stood for decades. In 2006, Baby Ruth became “the official candy bar of major league baseball” under a three-year agreement, and a Simmons Market Research Bureau survey found Baby Ruth eaters 22 percent more likely to be baseball fans. 


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