Weird Food Pairings- Delicious or Disgusting?

We are all unique- and that definitely includes our taste buds! It’s always interesting to hear the different food combinations people enjoy eating together. Some make sense, and others- don’t. But to each his own! We all have things that probably seem a little weird to others, but that’s part of what makes us unique!

One pairing that my husband introduced me to is Wendy’s chicken nuggets dipped in frosty. I know a lot of people like to dip their fries in shakes, but have you ever tried chicken? There is something about the combination of Wendy’s chicken nuggets in particular with their vanilla frosty that is so addicting (at least for me and my husband ;) ).

Another favorite unique food pairing is hot honey on pizza. This sounds weird at first, but trust me- it is SO good. It’s probably my favorite way to eat pizza. I’m not a huge marinara fan, but I’ll eat some marinara pizza if it means I get that hot honey combo! We use the Mesquite honey from Trader Joe’s. Regular honey is good too, but I love the kick you get from the spicy honey!

I also love putting chips on my sandwiches. It’s like flavored lettuce! A turkey sandwich with lettuce, tomato, pepper, a little bit of mustard, and a layer of Nacho Cheese Doritos is pretty much my favorite lunch food ever!

In talking with friends and family, here are a few other weird and interesting food combinations. Some of these actually sound really tasty, others intriguing, and some downright nasty!

  • Cereal with water
  • Pizza dipped in balsamic vinegar
  • Sugar cookies sprinkled with salt
  • Buttermilk with a sprinkling of pepper
  • Pizza dipped in ketchup
  • Granny smith apples with sliced cheddar cheese
  • Hot dogs with honey
  • Hot dogs with wasabi
  • S’mores with white bread instead of graham crackers
  • Apple pie with cheddar cheese sprinkled on top
  • Cheese dipped into peanut butter
  • Peanut butter on hamburgers
  • Strawberries with sour cream and brown sugar
  • Scrambled eggs with maple syrup
  • Crackers dipped in grape or apple jelly
Here are a few more I found online:

  • Peanut butter and bacon
  • Broccoli and cheetos
  • Avocado and chocolate (or honey)
  • M&M’s or melted chocolate on pizza
  • Chocolate milk with a sprinkling of salt
  • Hot sauce on brownies
  • Banana slices in spaghetti
  • Orange slices dipped in ranch
  • Hot cheetos with milk or cream cheese
  • Peanut butter and pickle sandwich
  • Vanilla ice cream with soy sauce or olive oil
  • Pickles and Oreos
  • Pizza topped with fresh bananas
  • Popcorn and ketchup
Which of these sound tasty, and which of these just sound disgusting? Do you enjoy any of these unique food pairings? What are some of your favorite unique food combinations? I’d love to hear them! It’s so fun to hear what different people enjoy- share them in the comments below!


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