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My sister recently hosted a Pampered Chef party, which really makes me take a second look at my kitchen and what I actually use and what I don’t. While I always love looking through the Pampered Chef catalog and dreaming of all kinds of cookware in my kitchen, there are a few items that I absolutely LOVE and would hate to be without!

Mix n’ Chop
This is one of those tools that I use way more than I thought I would! It’s perfect for chopping ground beef or turkey, but is also fabulous for shredding chicken (I use it all the time when I make soup in the crock pot and I need to shred the chicken once it’s been cooked), and it’s perfect for mashing berries when making freezer jams!

Food Chopper
This might be my favorite tool in the whole kitchen. It chops through things so easily and thoroughly, and it’s all dishwasher safe which makes clean up a cinch! Onions, Oreos, toffee, pecans- works like a charm for it all!

Can Opener
When I was 16, I was helping my mom make dinner and opening a can of olives. The lid was barely stuck on the can once I opened it, and as I tried ripping off the lid my hand slipped and I got a big nasty gash on my pinky, from which I still have a scar! Ever since that experience I’ve been particularly careful with opening cans, and this device is perfect for that! It actually lifts the lid off the can by undoing the seal, so you aren’t left with any sharp edges! Definitely a favorite of mine!

Garlic Press
This nifty tool makes using garlic SO easy. It minces the garlic perfectly and is so easy to clean! This is a definite must if you like using garlic! I love a strong flavor of garlic, but definitely prefer not biting into a large piece- and this tool helps get the garlic smashed and small!

Large Bar Pan and Pizza Stone
These pans are just beautiful for starters! You can serve a dish directly from the pan and it still has an elegant look. They also retain heat really well, which keeps your food warmer longer and helps your food cook more evenly. They also become more nonstick the longer you use them- they really are just a fantastic dish all around!

Herb Stripper
If you love using fresh herbs in your cooking, this one is a life-saver! I cook with cilantro all the time, and this nifty device saves me so much time; I can easily remove the leaves without having to take off each one individually!

Manual Food Processor
This might be my kids’ favorite ;). Whether I’m making homemade pico de gallo or chopping graham crackers for a pie crust, my kids LOVE helping me when I pull this out. The blades are super sharp (which is why it’s so effective!), so an adult is definitely needed with this device; but once everything is assembled it’s such an easy way to have kids help in the kitchen! It’s similar to the food chopper, but because of its large size it’s definitely handy when making larger portions, like a healthy helping of pico de gallo.

I’d love to hear about your favorite kitchen items, whether they’re Pampered Chef or not! Share with us in the comments below!
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