Take Care of Back to School Anxiety with Food Traditions

The months of August and September bring a lot of mixed emotions! Some kids can’t wait to start a new school year, some moms are celebrating the fact that they’ll have time to themselves; some moms are tearing up at the thought of sending their littles to school again, and some kids are facing the new school year with fear and trepidation. Sometimes, we just need a little reassurance or comfort, right? And as foodies here, we all know the power of a tasty meal to make things better ;). Here are some fun ideas to help make your back to school experience a little less scary!

*Serve a special breakfast. What kid doesn’t love a stack of pancakes? Or a French toast bake? Start the day off with a FUN breakfast to help support them with any fear they may be experiencing!

*Create a Back to School Magic Snack Mix! I don’t always let my kids eat a ton of processed food, but there’s always exceptions ;). You can create snack mix out of anything you’d like- but the more “special” the food is, the more “magical” it will be, right? Craisins, almonds, popcorn, Fruit loops, marshmallows, Teddy Grahams, Goldfish, yogurt-covered raisins, etc. can all help to make a fun treat for any nervous student ;). Present them in cute little gift bags or piping bags tied up with ribbon and attach this adorable little poem:

The night before school is exciting and fun,

there are always so many things to be done.

Your clothes are ready, your backpack is too.

Your classroom is full of fun things you will do.

There are so many questions that go through your mind,

all types of thoughts of every kind.

But sometimes we all get the jitters down deep

and that makes it hard to fall fast asleep.

So I've made you a magic snack mix, it really is cool.

It will help you be rested and ready for school.

Just eat the snack right before bed

On the night before school starts when you lay down your head.

The snack will help you sleep through the night

And you will wake up in the morning fresh and bright.

I’ll be sure to have this magic snack, too.

And remember, I just can't wait for school so I can see YOU!!!

*Make the first day of school lunch special! Cut out shapes, put in their favorite foods, and of course- include a heartfelt note of how much you love your child! You never know how alone they may be feeling on that first day! A little reminder can mean a lot!

*Find a fun food you can make together in the kitchen, and make it a tradition! With fall fast approaching, it could be fun to tie in apples- apple pie, apple streusel, caramel apples, or fresh apple cider would all make a very special first day of school treat! But if your kids don’t love apples, making their favorite cookie or dessert would definitely be a great substitution ;). The important thing is to spend some time with them in the kitchen to give them the chance to talk all about their first day of school!

*Have a special back to school dinner. Serve something your kids really love and make it fun! A pizza bar, hamburgers, chicken curry, stir-fry, whatever your kids love! If your kids love soup, that could also be a fun way to welcome in the school year (with fall in mind). Pull out the nice china, decorate with apples, pencils, and whatever cute school supplies you have on hand, and make sure you have some great family conversation about everyone’s goals for the year and and their highs and lows for the day!

Do you have any special first day of school traditions? I’d love to hear all about them!

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