11 Tips To Lose Weight When Your Family’s Not On The Same Page

There’s no doubt about it- losing weight is hard. It’s an emotional and physical battle, and while the end results are definitely worth it, that doesn’t make the process any easier! I have been working hard to lose all my baby weight these past few months, and while I knew the process would be hard, I never predicted that one of the hardest aspects is the juggling act of sticking to my meal plan while feeding my family! Here’s how you can minimize that stress so you can focus your strength and energy on eating right and being fit!

1. Meal prep as much as you can! One of the hardest things about juggling all these different eating habits in my house is that I feel like I’m in the kitchen all day! However, a great way I have been able to combat this is by prepping meals as much as I can on one day. Pick a day (like Monday), and cut/wash all the fruits and veggies for the week, as well as cook chicken, rice, etc. When all that stuff is out of the way, each meal becomes significantly easier to prepare, and cooking for your family will feel a little less daunting.

2. Eat treats when they do. (Unless they’re eating treats all the time ;) ) If everyone is breaking out the apple pie, allow yourself your own low-calorie treat that you’ve planned for the day, like berries and cream, or apples sprinkled with cinnamon. You won’t feel so left out if you have something to munch on too!

3. Have a designated family snack stash. It’s hard not to yield to temptation when everyone’s chips and cookies are sitting right next to your almonds and protein powders! While you’re on your weight loss journey, have everyone keep their snacks in a hidden drawer or cupboard so that you don’t have to see it every time you open the pantry!

4. Introduce new foods gradually. Maybe your family doesn’t want to eat the exact same meals that you’re eating, but start with adding more veggies to their meals. Have your kids try berries on their oatmeal, mix spinach into their smoothies, a spoonful of broccoli with their mac n’ cheese, etc. Eventually try a whole new meal with them, and they may find they actually like it!

5. Make everyone try the new meals once. I have specific recipes that I’m using, and with each one I make my husband try it once ;). Some he doesn’t love, but others he can’t get enough of! We have slowly been building a repertoire of recipes that both my husband and I love, and are healthy too!

6. Modify meals. Prepare your own food and then just modify it a little for your family. Make yourself an egg-white omelet while making regular omelets for everyone else, or prepare ground turkey for tacos, but keep the low-calorie tortillas for yourself ;). Your family doesn’t have to eat everything on the meal plan, but by using your meal plan as the base and modifying each meal just a little, you can really save yourself some sanity, as well as introduce your family to some healthier options.

7. Watch your portions. If you’re invited to family dinner and they’re serving lasagna (or any other high calorie food ;) ), just watch your portion size! Skip out on the garlic bread, load up on the salad, and remember that weight loss is a a series of small smart choices- you won’t blow it all if you can’t stick to your meal plan completely for one night ;).

8. Exercise. Eating is the biggest part of losing weight, but exercise definitely plays a role as well, and while you may not have full control of what everyone in your house is cooking/eating, you definitely have full control over whether or not you exercise! It’s also so great for your mental health, making it a great way to relieve all your stress from meal planning ;).

9. Communicate! Maybe your spouse doesn’t realize just how hard it is when they bring home a tub of your favorite ice cream when you’re trying so hard to avoid sweets. They may see it as an act of love, while you see it as the ultimate act of betrayal ;). Be upfront with them, and let your spouse/family members know that while you are on your weight loss journey, they should really avoid bringing any sweets/junk food in the house, especially ones they know you love.

10. Set expectations upfront. Before you start your weight loss journey, clearly communicate with your family how they can be helpful and supportive. Let them know why this is important to you and how much it means to you. They will be a lot more willing to try new meals and avoid bringing home junk food if they have a clear understanding of what you’re trying to achieve.

11. Find outside support. Even if it feels like your family is sabotaging your healthful goals, having a trainer or friend that you stay accountable to can really help. They can cheer you on, motivate you, and be a great listening ear for those days when it’s all just so hard.

Any other tips you would add to this list? I’d love to hear all about them below!

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