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We all have those signature dishes, the ones we make time and time again because they are well loved, and well received. Sometimes it's a family recipe, sometimes it's something we found long ago but added our own signature flourish. Sometimes it is simply made up, origins unknown, but we get the same reaction - the "oh wow" after the first bite, request for seconds, and a guess at the secret ingredient that just took this dish to unexpected new levels of flavor.
Vanilla is one of those special ingredients; its unique floral aroma and delicate but spicy body lends itself to many different recipes, either as an outstanding note or a subtle hint, like salt, used to help mingle complementary flavors. Which vanilla you use matters as well; not all varieties and brands taste the same depending on the plant varietal and where it is grown. McCormick Extra Rich Pure Vanilla Extract has a bold, delicious aroma and the traditional warm appealing flavor we all love. It creates an almost buttery taste when added to cakes and cookies, blends inviting spices like cinnamon and ginger, and enhances chocolate without added sweetening.
But aside from adding depth to cake and cookies, a little vanilla extract can enhance savory dishes as well. McCormick's robust flavor creates a delicious, unexpected result when added to salad dressing and stews, and making McCormick Extra Rich Pure Vanilla Extract your new secret ingredient.
Try these ideas for more ways to give your signature dish a new and exciting boost.
• Add vanilla extract to lemon juice, olive oil, salt and a little brown sugar for a new take on a light and flavorful salad dressing.
• Add to fall harvest soups like butternut squash or pumpkin to add a nuanced kick and make squash sing.
• Some people add a tablespoon of brown sugar to stews and chili - replace it with a teaspoon of vanilla extract - it will enhance flavors like garlic, cardamom, bay and black pepper with a little sweetness without the added sugar.
• For a sweet and spicy take on marinade (with less sodium), skip the soy sauce and instead combine vanilla extract with flavors like honey, balsamic vinegar, cumin, olive oil, garlic, and Worcestershire sauce for a smoky compliment to your best steak.

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