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Question asked of our newsletter writer Alice Osborne:

Hello Alice,

Thank you for your health-conscious newsletters on DVO! You made quite strong arguments against the consumption of Ramen noodles and gave some alternatives. However, we like to make a delicious cabbage salad that uses the noodles and I'd like to know if the bad effects are due to the packaging (Styrofoam cups), the flavoring in the separate packet, or the noodles themselves.

We only make the salad about 4 to 6 times a year and use only the noodles out of the plastic wrap, not the cup. The noodles are broken up and baked crisp along with almonds and sesame seeds, so the soft noodles you gave as alternatives would not work for this recipe.

Also, since the cups are so bad for us (and the environment), wouldn't all such instant soups in a Styrofoam cup be equally bad?

Thank you for your time and information!

Cynthia Lee (long-time Cook'n user)

Answer to Cindy:

Hello Cindy,

Great question! According to my research, the problem is with all three issues. Your recipe is a great one and in my unprofessional, non-expert opinion (J), I'd say enjoying this recipe 4 to 6 times a year wouldn't be a problem. The article information was focused mainly on the folks that rely weekly on Ramen as part of their menu-dry or wet noodles-it's not the best food to use as a diet staple.

I hope this helps. Thanks for writing and reading-your questions/feedback is important to us.

You've made my day!

My best,

Alice O.

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