Need an Excuse to Eat Ice Cream?

Years ago, I got an ice cream maker for my birthday. I had even asked for it. As of last week, guess how many times it had been used? A whopping total of


And that once was years after the first time I bought it. Sad, huh? Especially because it's what I had asked for! But this last week, I have used it twice, and plan on using it again and again.

Two things have brought about this new leaf. Lately I have been in love with ice cream, and it reminded me of that machine sitting in my cupboard, doing nothing. Secondly, I was in charge of a dessert for a family dinner, and my husband and I decided to buy a gallon of ice cream mix to eat with sliced strawberries (heavenly!) The ice cream mix has been sitting in my fridge. I won't say untouched because I have tried blueberries and cream AND peaches and cream (neither disappointing), but I can't go through the gallon fast enough!

No matter how much I'm tempted to just drink the stuff, a whole gallon would probably lead to a sick stomach and an aching head. Not worth it. I could freeze it, but thawing it later seems like a pain. It would probably still just go bad.

With the ice cream mix already made for me, I thought it would be great to just dump it in the ice cream machine. Saving me the step of measuring and guessing on sugar and whipping cream seemed more doable. Then all I would have to do is just add the flavoring I wanted.

Although this is all dandy, the real reason I made it twice this week was I needed a fun way to spend time with my family. We've been a little wound up lately and we needed something fun and bonding to do together. This ice cream making was fun, simple, and there was hardly any clean up. So, really, the focus could be on being together.

Find something you can do to spend more time with the ones you love this week, even if it is finding an excuse to make ice cream. Go on a hike or even just a drive through the town. Don't go overboard so that you're outing or activity becomes stressful, just let it be amazing time with your family.

So I have found a great excuse to eat ice cream. Bonding.

P.S. the flavors I tried I loved! I don't necessarily have a recipe for you because it was all guesstimate measuring and taste-testing until I thought it was perfecto.

S'mores: I used Nesquik and dark chocolate cocoa powder in the base. Then I added marshmallows and teddy grahams. …More marshmallows were eaten before than were actually used in the mix. Tee Hee.

Cake Batter: I added cake mix, chopped Kit Kats, and caramel. It tasted like what I can buy at the ice cream shop. Loved it!

Next idea: I think I'm going to see what will happen if I use a pudding mix. I'm thinking pistachio.

Next Next idea: Mexican Vanilla. This also sounds good to me, just the ice cream mix with Mexican vanilla added to the mix. A good base to go with any topping.

Make sweets with your sweetas!


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