Shopping on a dime

Its safe to say most of us at least WANT to shop on a budget. With all the things needed in life, you don't want it all to go to food. You want to have some extra money for that outing with your hubby, the present for your wife, the dinner with friends.

There are ways to save here and there. None of these tips are mind-blowing, I won't even say these are new ideas. But a combination of these tips can save you some dimes. And if you're smart, if you do enough of these or other budgeting tips, those dimes add up to dollars!

Don't use full serving of meat in a recipe:

Meat is expensive! And it seems to keep getting more so. Fill yourself with other ingredients. Usually, if you are making a casserole, stew, or something of that sort, Cutting the meat in half will not make much of a difference. I almost never use a full serving. Or, if you read up on Alice's recent tip on making the meat go further…wow! Genius!

Use cheap but healthy bases in your recipes:

Rice and pasta are great, cheap dishes.

Save and Stock:

Stock up on canned, boxed, and jarred goods so you know you're using something you bought cheaper. Budget each month some money to save for your local grocer's case lot sale. This is also a great thing to do to get an emergency preparedness food storage going. Case lot sales are great. A little plug-in for emergency food storage: My church teaches we should have emergency food stored up for a year. This blessed my family immensely when my dad was unemployed. We were able to eat through our food storage and keep our house. I don't know what we would have done without it and without good friends and family who helped us. I'm grateful for good men who listen to the Lord.

Plan meals around local ads.

See what's on sale. Think about the holidays or seasons coming up and you'll have a better idea what's going to be cheap, even weeks in advance. (Mexican food around Cinco de mayo, BBQ food in summertime, etc.)

Ad match:

Many stores ad match. This saves you time and gas money, and helps you save dollars here and there. Those dollars add up!

Grocery Shop less:

When you go to the store, you usually buy more than you thought you would. Either shop less or be very disciplined. Plan out before how much you are going to spend and how much you are allowed to spend. Grocery shopping less is possible. I heard of someone going once a month! (She had a big freezer). That might be harder but obviously possible.

Go generic:

Many generic brands are just as good, and sometimes better than brand names. Think what brands you can forego. Try a generic brand and see if you like it. Sometimes a generic brand is a brand name with a generic label slapped on it. Not always but sometimes. I have tried some store names that are far better than brand. Give them a shot.

Snack less:

Not only will you go through less food but you'll go through less unnecessary calories, too!

Eat healthy:

Don't go out to eat all the time, don't buy the convenience meals all the time. Make some good, wholesome food. If you don't have time. try homemade freezer meals and then you just have to schedule in time once a month to prepare everything. You're homemade meals are in the freezer the rest of the month!

Any other ideas? I love money saving tips!


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