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I am looking for a book for those of us who haven’t cooked all of our lives, so we make mistakes that just aren’t covered in the recipe. I’ve also learned that I don’t really know how to fry eggs properly without using my Pampered Chef microwave bowl. In the skillet, I can’t get them runny. I have trouble getting pancakes exactly done. Brownies too. Do you have a book that covers the basics like that?

If not, could you recommend something? I used to have a copy of "Where's Mom Now That I Need Her", but I misplaced it. I look at it on Amazon and the reviews said it was outdated. I wonder if there is a better thing out there, or if some of the basics are covered in any of the cookbooks on the site. What do you think?

I guess I should have just paid more attention to mom all those years ago, huh? :)


—Kyle Washington


Hi Kyle,

Thank you for asking. Your best bet for basic cooking knowledge will be found in this cookbook for newlyweds: Your Time to Cook. I know it sounds funny, but it does give great tips and helps for people in all stages of life.

You can find it here:

Happy Cook'n,

    Desi Wightman
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