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Volume III
August 16, 2013

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Why are brown eggs brown?

It depends on the breed of the chicken. It is a genetic trait. A rule of thumb is to look at the earlobe of the chicken, and that is roughly what the eggs will look like. The White Leghorn breed lays most of the white eggs. The brown eggs come from the Rhode Island Red, the New Hampshire and the Plymouth Rock.

The reason brown eggs cost more is because the hens are a little bigger and tend to need more care. Plus there is the urban legend saying they are healthier, so naturally, stores will charge more since more people want them; brown eggs are not any healthier than white eggs.

Egg colors are not limited to white and brown. There are also blue eggs, speckled eggs, peach-colored eggs, and even green eggs (Dr Seuss was wise), though they are hard to find in stores.

So, how about that?!

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