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Volume III
August 17, 2012

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Disposal Distress Disappears

By Sydney Hill

So, if you're like me, there have been times you walk into your lovely kitchen to start a scrumptious dinner. You always start by washing your hands (because you know the importance of sanitation) and then the most despicable smell fills your nostrils.

Aren't kitchens supposed to be the fortress of appealing aromas? However, garbage disposals apparently missed that little memo. Sometimes they just decide to stink up the place. Do not despair. Good news is on the way. I heard of a solution only a few weeks ago, and if you're as frustrated as me, you'll rejoice in it, too.

All you need are three simple ingredients:


It's a simple recipe. Mix the water, vinegar, and some lemon juice together and freeze them in ice trays. When that disposal gives its distress, pop a cube or two down the drain. The ice cubes sharpen the blades, while the vinegar and lemon juice freshen it. Another benefit of the frozen cubes is that you always have that lemon juice. I know not everyone always has lemons hanging around.

IMPORTANT Reminder tip:

DO NOT put potato peelings down the garbage disposal. I know too many people who learned that the hard way. Don't join them.


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