Can You See What I See…OUI Pencils Out!

Have you heard of OUI? It’s a French yogurt and it’s expensive. Depending on where you shop, it’s $1.49 for a 5-ounce jar, while a 5.3-ounce container of Chobani Fruit-on-the-Bottom costs $1.25.

But don’t drop me like a hot rock. Keep reading, because I’m going to explain why this is a brand of yogurt that you might want to take a second look at, expensive or not.

First of all, I’m not touting OUI because it’s French or especially healthier than other yogurts. There’s not really a difference nutritionally between French yogurt and other styles of yogurt. They all come with probiotics, vitamins, and minerals. The key difference is in the method of making it.

Traditional French-style yogurts (like Oui) are “pot set.” The ingredients used to make the yogurt (i.e milk and cultures) are added directly to the pot where it sets, and this negates the need to add thickeners or stabilizers to it. French makers do claim that their yogurt is healthier, though, simply because of this lack of flavorings, thickeners, and stabilizers. But then plenty of other yogurt brands are made without these things, too.

So, pot set yogurt is simply yogurt that’s cultured and sold in the same container, typically in individual portions. OUI’s individual portions come in clear glass containers; this clear and cute glass container is why I am touting OUI!

While it’s true that using glass for containers is smart and practical (because it stands up well to heat and sanitizes easily), we all know there are loads of glass containers that don’t demand much attention (think of a mayonnaise jar, for instance…who cares?). But the OUI glass container? Oh, does it get the attention.

Here's my point: Aren’t we always looking for good containers for leftovers, or containers for just storing stuff? Of course. And that’s where OUI is worth its cost. You end up with two things for the price of one. Really good yogurt (non-GMO, by the way) and a classy storage container as well. In other words, OUI’s initial cost pencils out.

And here’s another cool thing about OUI—there are several great lid options for these darling jars (available online). For instance:

WOOD LIDS. Designed for small Weck jars, they fit perfectly on OUI jars also. They have a rubber gasket that forms an airtight seal. These are costly, however. $5.99 per lid (as seen on

CORK LIDS. Commonly found on apothecary jars, these stylish cork lids are also made for Weck jars. But they’re another good lid for OUI jars. Made in Portugal, they’re tight fitting to start and then mold to the jar providing an airtight seal. They’re even more expensive than the wood choice, however—$6.95 per lid (on

SILICONE LIDS. If you want a simple lid that fits well and is easy to clean, look no further than these silicone lids from These too, fit Weck jars, but are perfect on the OUI jar. Known as Blossom Caps, they come 2 in a package for $5.99.

YOPLAIT LIDS. Yoplait (the maker of OUI) offers both blue and clear lids, available for purchase on their website for a pack of 4 for $3.99.

I’ll conclude with the math. 4 glass containers of OUI yogurt comes to $5.96. Yoplait lids are 4 for $3.99 plus $4.20 shipping and handling. This totals $14.51 or approximately $3.53 per container with lid. I compared them to a purchase of 4 small Pyrex glass containers with lids. They are $14.00, which makes them $3.50 per container with lid. By spending 3 more cents you can get a unique, pretty container plus yogurt. Something to take a second look at.

As I said, OUI pencils out! (And don’t get me started on all the things these lovely jars can hold. Pepper, salt, fresh ginger root, paper clips, votive candles…can you see what I see?)


    Alice Osborne
    DVO Newsletter Contributor since 2006
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