What Moms Really Think About Mother's Day Breakfast

May is all about- mommies!! And wonderful women everywhere! This year in particular I feel particularly grateful for my own mom- we are celebrating our 30th and 50th birthdays the weekend before Mother’s Day, I am expecting my 5th child at the end of this month (and my mother had 10!!), and I can’t help but feel so much love and gratitude for the woman who raised me. Especially as I go through this pregnancy- I can’t believe my mom did this 10 times…. she is definitely wonder woman in my eyes!

While there are many ways to celebrate our mothers, one of the more cliche ways is being served breakfast in bed. Now, I personally am not a fan of breakfast in bed. I love the idea of being doted on, but I’m not a fan of food in the bed! However, I am always happy with whatever my husband and children plan for me. I like to look at Mother’s Day as an opportunity to reflect on my own strengths/weaknesses as a mother, and to express my gratitude to my family for letting me be their mother. It’s the hardest job in the world- but also the most rewarding and I definitely wouldn’t have it any other way!

Anyways- back to breakfast! ;) I was curious as to how many women actually get breakfast in bed, and how many actually want breakfast in bed. Growing up, we never made my mom breakfast in bed- we always found other ways to dote on her that usually involved cleaning or lots of homemade projects:). Breakfast in bed is a bit of a foreign concept for me, so I became genuinely curious as to how many celebrate this tradition.

I took a poll asking 203 women what they preferred when it came to Mother’s Day breakfast, and here are the responses:

6 women (3%) said “I'd prefer they leave the breakfast up to me ;)”

7 women (3%) said “I'd prefer a simple breakfast like cereal- I don't want to worry about the mess! It's the thought that counts.”

17 women (8%) said “I'd be happy with any kind of breakfast, just not in bed- I don't like the mess and stress of food in my bed”

24 women (12%) said “I'd love breakfast in bed!”

25 women (12%) said “I'd love a big fancy breakfast! Pancakes, eggs, the works!”

And here was by far the biggest result:

124 women (61%) said “I'm happy with anything my kids and/or spouse are willing to do!”

I think sometimes we stress about finding the perfect gift or the perfect gesture that will show our true feelings of appreciation, but often we let that stress overwhelm us, and it takes the joy out of the giving! As we can see by these poll results, most moms are happy with whatever you have to offer- because moms are just awesome like that, right? ;) But if you know your mom/wife/grandma well, hopefully you’ll know more of her personal preferences, like if she prefers breakfast in bed alone or at the table with the family (because I’ve heard both preferences stated!).

I challenge everyone to find a way to really show their appreciation for their mother/wife this year, whether it’s an elaborate breakfast in bed or a simple handmade card with your truest thoughts expressed. Being a mom can be a thankless job, but it’s absolutely one of the most important. I have so much love and respect for my mother, and I hope that one day I can be like her! She is my real-life superhero. I was definitely blessed to have her as a mother. I have also been blessed with an amazing mother-in-law, and 2 wonderful grandmothers who have all been great examples to me of what it means to be a mother. Whether or not you have a mother in your life, find a woman in your life that exemplifies motherhood and give her a little extra love this Mother’s Day!

I’d love to hear from our readers! Do YOU love breakfast in bed? (Fathers, feel free to comment as well because I’m taking notes for Father’s Day ;) ) Does your spouse like to have breakfast in bed? I’d love to hear your Mother’s Day traditions! Share with us below!

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