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Volume III
November, 2012

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World's Worst Xmas Cards

This puts a whole new spin to the phrase “family tree”

Dad realizes that if the 40 pounds of tinsel catches fire on that tree he has a better chance of survival without the flammable matching pj’s.

I don’t know who’s more horrified, Santa or the “Death Becomes Me” kids


I can see why they won’t let you have children of your own.

I don’t have words for this one!

Seriously, that was the shirt you decided to wear for the family photo with Santa?

It probably seemed like a better idea in their heads.

Either Grandma is getting her sexy on or Mom is looking for her youth - stop looking.

It’s like Christmas “camo”

What’s with the Clown??? And the eyebrows????

Lil’ Jo may be seeing the Baby Jesus sooner than he thinks.

What was the motivation behind this one?

Yeah, that’ll keep him quiet for a while.


Holy Christmas Batman, Batgirl, Batdog and Robin.

The annual Christmas picture of the “I’m never going to get to sleep with a man” club.

Is Santa being held hostage?

Why is it that people think it’s okay to make a complete fool of Grandma.

These guys are trying way too hard to be bad. It’s painful.


Merry Christmas from the Dork family, thank you, thank you very much.

This takes Christmas to a whole new level.


They have entirely too much time on their hands to dream this one up.

I don’t know which is worse – the family pj’s or the hideous furry couch.

Get your snowman on!

To you, an your kin, we wish you peace and joy!

The first signs of little Jimmy’s psychotic break.

This is wrong on so many levels.

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