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Volume III
February, 2011

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Artificial or Real Tree Poll Results

What do you decorate with for the Holidays?

Fake Tree (76) 79%
Real Tree (15) 16%
Both (2) 2%
Switch it up each Year (2) 2%
Other (1) 1%

Total Votes: 96


I like to put up my tree right after Thanksgiving. Can't do that with a live tree.

Since we put our tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving, we HAVE to use fake or we'd burn the house down! Merry Christmas everyone!

Bought my first artificial tree last year and I love it. The newer ones lok very authentic and the lights are on them too.

I prefer the real trees but, I and several of the family members are very allergic to them.

Can't beat the convenience of artificial trees!

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