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Volume III
February, 2011

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New Year's Resolution Poll

Oh, New Year's Resolutions! This topic has always driven me a little crazy. Maybe it's because this time of year, companies market this opportunity to make changes in our lives to no end!

I also feel like, if there's something that you feel needs changed in your life, do it then... don't waste the rest of a perfectly good year just waiting for a new one:) That said, I thought I'd give it a whirl and actual make one this year - I just haven't admitted it to anyone (I guess until this newsletter is sent)!

AND, I've kept it so far. It's only mid-February but I feel so much better having started this new goal. So the question is, how long do your resolutions usually last? Or, do you even make one? Good luck - Statistics say we need it!


How long does your New Year's Resolution usually last?
1-2 months
3-6 months
6-11 months
All year baby!
I don't make one

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