How to Crowdsource Recipes

I found some of the most AMAZING recipes in Cook'n yesterday using the Trending Today feature. I just stumbled across some of the most intriguing looking dishes and I can't wait to try them (especially the Addictive Mashed Potatoes).

I shared the recipes I found with my siblings and parents. Surprisingly, my sister made one of them and went nuts over it! She and her family LOVED it!

My brother Captured the recipes I shared and saved them to his Cook'n. And, my Mom was frantically writing down the recipes I shared because she's almost 80 years old and can't remember how to Capture and save recipes to Cook'n. I'm gonna have to show her how to do it again!

I made this video to show you how to do it...and a few other cool things too. Watch this video and make this holiday the best ever!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Dan Oaks
President and Founder
DVO Enterprises
Creator of Cook'n

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