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Cook'n Themes

A fun way to stylize your recipes

Download these colorful themes and apply them to your personal recipes in order to control the look & feel, color scheme, layout, and over-all appearance of your personal recipes on the computer screen. And, NEW! with Cook'n Version 11, use these cool themes to stylize and add pizzazz to your printed recipes!

Themes for Sale:

7-Color Cuisine - $1.95

Best Stuffing - $1.95

Cow Pattern - $1.95

Cork board - $1.95

Classic Blue - $1.95

Minimal - $1.95

Muffin - $1.95

My Classic - $1.95

Natural Breads - $1.95

Olive - $1.95

Pink Chocolate - $1.95

Raw - $1.95

Smoothie Power - $1.95

Stitch - $1.95

Wild in the kitchen - $1.95

Your Time to Cook - $1.95

Simple - $1.95

Notepad - $1.95

BBQ - $1.95

Autumn Sun - $1.95

Classic - $1.95

Tommy Tang - $1.95

Casserole - $1.95

Whole Foods - $1.95

Gooseberry Patch - $1.95

Vicki's Vegan - $1.95

Sugar Free - $1.95

Taste of Brazil - $1.95

4th of July Patriotic Themes for Cook'n

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American Flag


U.S Presidents

All 3 Themes for only $1.95

Free Cook'n Themes:


Side by Side Theme

Free Fall Theme

Large Font Theme

Paper Theme

Baking Theme (default)

Blue Theme

Brown Theme

Cookbook1 Theme

Cookbook2 Theme

Cookbook3 Theme

Cookbook4 Theme

Cookbook5 Theme

Crayons Theme

Crayons Fonts Theme

Cutting Board Theme

DVO Theme

Modern Theme

Plain Theme

purple Theme

Summer Day Theme

Sun Flower Theme

Tulips Theme

Typewriter Theme

Under The Sea Theme

White Flower Theme

Christmas Theme

How to import a theme into Cook'n

Step 1 - Download the Theme file (.thm)
Step 2 - Open Cook'n and Choose File -> Themes -> import

Step 3 - Select the Cookbook, Chapter or Recipe you want to add the theme to and Choose Options -> Change Theme

Want to make your own custom Themes?

Download the Cook'n theme starter kit.
Note: Making your own themes requires a knowlege of writing html and css.

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