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Save Money with Cook'n

How can Cook'n help me save time and money on food?

Research shows that some of the most effective ways to save money on food are to:

  • Plan ahead before going to the grocery store
  • Limit eating out
  • Use up foods you have on-hand before they expire
  • Make detailed shopping lists
  • Buy healthier foods that are generally less expensive
  • Prepare filling, balanced meals to avoid expensive snacking

How Cook'n Can Help

Cook’n is made to support each of these money-saving principles!

Plan Ahead

  • Cook'n helps you get organized again with all of your recipes!
  • lectronic cookbook helps you decide the meals you want before shopping
  • Menu planning features allow you to plan for weekly, monthly and even yearly meals!

Shopping Lists

  • Cook'n automatically combines the food on your menus and makes a grocery shopping list!
  • Cook'n can organize shopping lists by aisle.
  • Converts to package sizes (ie; tablespoon tomato paste to 8 oz. cans)

Eat Healthier

  • Cook'n contains a nutritional analyzer to track what you are eating!
  • Helps you choose which brand is healthier.
  • Contains nutrition facts for over 10,000 food products!

Using-Up Foods

  • Cook'n allows you to search for recipes based on the food you have on hand!
  • Menu planning features allow you to systematically plan how and when to use foods before they expire.
  • Cook'n will help prevent you from buying foods you don't need by using the shopping list features.

Prepare Good Meals

  • Cook'n helps you organize your meals so you can plan ahead to cook!
  • The nutrition analyzer helps to make sure you are meeting your nutritional needs each meal
  • Cook'n gives you access to thousands of good recipes which you can download onto your software!

Limit Eating Out

  • Cook'n helps you plan for meals so you don't have to eat out because there is nothing to eat in the house!
  • Several different Cook'n cookbook titles give you the option of a variety of meals.
  • Those who use Cook'n tend to rediscover the fun of cooking and save a lot of money from doing so!

Purchasing Cook'n is like buying an investment that will give you a return on your money every month. Depending on your family size and how much you use Cook'n, you can save anywhere between $50 to $200 a month on food costs!!

Order today and start saving!

Cook'n Recipe Organizer

Cook'n Recipe Organizer
PC & Mac

  • Find the Best Recipes on the Internet
  • Capture and Save Internet Recipes
  • Enter Your Own Personal Recipes
  • Sync Recipes with iPhone, iPad, & Android
  • Print a Family Cookbook
  • Analyze Nutritional Values
  • Make Menus, Shopping Lists & More!
  • Get Free Cookbook with Purchase

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