Don't Let Dehydration Ruin Your Summer Break!

Summer vacation is fast approaching, and I'm sure many of us have plans for picnics, swimming, boating and all things outdoors! I love embracing the summer break with a good ol' barbecue and party- but you definitely have to be careful this time of year! While the sun is shining and we're playing hard, it's easier to let ourselves or our kids get dehydrated- and we may not even realize it!

Unless you want to take multiple trips to the ER, it's important to make sure you and your family are drinking plenty of water, especially if you're outdoors! But how do you know if you're getting enough water? When you're being active and sweating in the sunshine you'll need more water than you typically do, and sometimes it's hard to gauge just how much you actually need!

To make your day as enjoyable as possible, it's good to know the signs of someone who is not getting enough water; speaking from personal experience, just because you're handing your kids water doesn't mean they're drinking it ;). Look out for these indications that your little ones (or yourself!) need to drink more water!

*Fatigue. It's pretty normal to feel a little tuckered out if you've been running around, but if that energy just doesn't pick up and you notice someone moving particularly slowly and laying around, chances are they're probably dehydrated!

*Increased thirst. If you notice yourself or your child getting particularly thirsty, they're probably past the point of preventing dehydration and are actually already dehydrated! Make sure they're drinking plenty of water to stay on top of that hydration!

*Not going to the bathroom. If it's been awhile since your little one has needed to go to the bathroom, they're probably not getting the water they need! Pay attention to how many potty breaks your child is taking, and if it's less than a normal day, make sure to help them increase their water intake!

*Headaches. If your child starts complaining of a headache, most likely they're dehydrated and need some water asap!

*Crying without tears. Tantrums and tears are pretty much a guarantee if you have a young child- but pay attention if the crying comes without tears! No tears could mean their body is running low on fluids and needs to be rehydrated.

*Vomiting. Definitely a more serious sign of dehydration. Try sipping small amounts of water at a time to keep it easy on the stomach as you try to get rehydrated.

Dehydration is definitely not something to mess with. It's easy to prevent, but just as easy to forget about! Be sure to keep plenty of water around, as well as electrolytes (Gatorade or Pedialyte Pops are a great options!). It's also a smart idea to serve fruit and veggies with high water content such as watermelon and cucumbers; keep them in easy reach of little ones and let them snack as they please!

What do you do to keep your family hydrated during fun outdoor activities?


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