Your New Go-To, Easy Romantic Dinner At Home

I have found Valentine’s Day to be a pretty polarizing holiday. There are those who absolutely love it--they are the ones who love romance and any excuse to celebrate love; and there are those who hate it--they hate the commercialism of it and don’t need anyone to tell them when to celebrate their love!

I fall into the first category and my husband is falls into the second one :) So between his enthusiasm and the fact that our anniversary is just a couple of weeks after Valentine’s Day, we typically don’t do much for the beloved holiday. Which, as much I love romantic dates of any kind, is really just fine with me.

We don’t usually brave the crowds to try and grab dinner out on Valentine’s night. However, I do like to make a nice meal at home. My go-to meal I have been making the last couple of years just really hits the spot and it is so easy! It is lobster ravioli, out of this world garlic bread, and roasted asparagus.

As a side note—I know Valentine’s Day is over, but I felt like sharing my favorite romantic meal to make at home because to my husband’s point—any day is a great day to have a romantic meal to share together! So even though that holiday is over—get out there and make a lovely meal together. You won’t regret it!

I really love Trader Joe’s and they are the champions that make dinner this wonderful and easy for me. I bought all of the food for this meal there, but you can find these things at any grocery store. First and foremost, everything is based around our favorite part of the meal: perfect garlic bread! You can make this garlic bread and serve it with burned lasagna and everyone who eats this meal will rave about how good the meal, even if the rest of the meal is mediocre. It is that good!

I will share the magic concoction of herbs and parmesan cheese at the end of the article which is the secret to the perfect garlic bread. Next up: lobster ravioli. I really love the lobster ravioli from Trader Joe’s. I put a package of that with a package of regular cheese ravioli and gently toss that with a jar of alfredo sauce and I always like to add in a big spoonful or two of pesto sauce to my alfredo. It really adds a nice extra something to the sauce.

And I like to do a pan of roasted asparagus or a salad or something to go with the rest. Even though you might not want to, it’s probably a good idea to eat something green with the meal. Roasted asparagus is the perfect complement to this meal.

What is your go-to romantic dinner for two meal you like to make at home? I like to choose Italian-type meals because they are easy, taste delicious, and I know they will turn out every time!

Please share your ideas in the comments below for your favorite meals for two at home.

The Best Garlic Bread Seasoning

½ cup powdered Parmesan cheese

2 tsp. Kosher salt

2 Tbsp. garlic powder

2 tsp. Oregano

2 tsp. Basil

2 tsp. marjoram

2 tsp. Parsley

Directions: Combine ingredients in a jar (preferable one with a sprinkle top) and shake.

Sprinkle on top of breadsticks or combine 1 ½ Tbsp. seasoning with ½ c. of softened butter and spread on a loaf of French bread (cut in half lengthwise). Wrap in foil and bake at 375 until butter is melted. You can pop it in open-faced under for the broiler for a few minutes at the end so it gets brownish and crispy.

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