The Amazing Dishes You Can Create With This One Tool

As I have become a little more familiar with cooking, I’ve also come to realize that many times, a particular kitchen utensil or dish can be used for multiple uses, not just the ones they are advertised for. Muffin tins are no exception! I’ve come to really appreciate my muffin tins, and I don’t make muffins that often! There are so many cool things you can make with your muffin tins.

Mini quiches. Beat some eggs and cheese and throw in whatever veggie you’re craving- mushrooms, peppers, onions, spinach, etc. Toss in a little ham, sausage or bacon, and you have a cute little quiche that is filling, tasty, and cute!

Bacon or ham cups. Similar to the quiches, but with extra goodness;). Layer the bottom with a slice of ham or bacon and fill with an egg mixture (again, throwing in whatever meat or veggie you want), and when they are done baking you have a tasty little ham cup or bacon dish! You could even just use these as a base for salads or anything else that goes with bacon (which is basically everything;) ) .

Mini pancake bites. Fill the muffin tins with pancake batter and add fruit, nuts, or bacon. These would be great paired with the mini quiches!

Mini German pancakes . German pancakes are my husband’s absolute favorite, but they can be a little tedious to bake one at a time- which is why I love the idea of making several mini ones at a time! They would be killer with a berry or peach filling!

Cook several eggs at once! Especially perfect when you have a big crowd or when making breakfast sandwiches. Just stick them in the oven at 350 degrees for 10-15 minutes. Brilliant!

Hard boil eggs. Stick them in at 325 degrees for 30 minutes, and then stick them in a bowl of ice water for 10 minutes. They will peel easily and you can avoid the hassle of the stove. I so excited to try this one!

Mini pies. For those who claim they could eat a whole pie by themselves;).

Mac ‘n Cheese cups. It’s the ultimate comfort food in a cute little appetizer form! Just bake them with a little bit of egg added to keep their shape. Cheesy cuteness:).

Make deep cookie cups. More goodness in every bite, and you can have more room to add fillings like Nutella, caramel, marshmallow crème, etc.

Condiment Tray. At a barbecue or other big food gathering, keep the condiments separate by using a muffin tin.

Freeze eggs. When freezing eggs, you want to keep them separate, and a muffin tin is a handy way to do just that!

These hardly dent the surface of all the amazing things you can make with muffin tins. What are some creative ways you have used your muffin tins to prepare food? Share in the comments below!


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