Make Cook’n Easy: Pair This One-Dish Wonder

with Another One-Dish Wonder!

You recently got the email from Dan about this super new cookbook, right? The title lives up to its name; every recipe does indeed belong in a foodie hall of fame. And then there's the simplicity of it all-dinner in one baking dish-what could be easier?

Well I'll tell ya what could be easier! Baking these one-dish wonders in a Green+ Life ceramic baking dish, that's what! Now at the risk of sounding like an infomercial, I'm going to gush here. (It's only because I love you, our readers, that I'm taking this risk-you need to know about Green+ Life!)

I first ran onto this brand of cooking and bake ware when I was hunting for a TRULY non-stick muffin pan that would help me cut back on fat. Green+ Life was the answer. Every muffin recipe I've tried just pops right out. Next I purchased their ceramic-coated bread pans, and same thing. NO need to grease the pans. NOTHING, truly, NOTHING sticks to this product.

So my next purchase was a Green+ Life 9x13 baking pan. I first used it on Aunt Annie's amazing Carrot Cake Supreme. This recipe is loaded with butter, so I thought, "If I can eliminate some fat calories by not having to grease the pan, how cool would that be?" Every single cake square came out neat as a pin. Very cool.

Same thing for the casseroles I've tried. This stuff is awesome. There's just not a better baking dish for these hall of fame one-dish wonders than the Green+ Life bakeware.

And here's especially why I bring it up. Back to my original purchase of the Green+ Life ceramic-coated muffin pan. I'm dividing my one-dish wonders into the 12 muffin cups-baking individual servings of these scrumptious recipes.

And remember how Dan's email said One-Dish Wonders goes beyond casseroles? Well, those breakfast recipes bake up wonderfully in my little ceramic-coated muffin cups! The Frittata with Pasta, Vegetables, and Crab, for instance, looks adorable presented as individual servings. Same with Chris' Favorite Hamburger Casserole and the Truck Stop Potatoes.

And the One Dish Wonders desserts? Same thing. Blueberry Tea Cake looked amazing as little cakelets! Whatever I'm baking in my ceramic-coated muffin pan comes out looking beautiful (and since we eat with our eyes before we ever eat with our mouths, how these recipes look is a big deal).

But OK, let's go back to the ONE-Dish aspect of One-Dish Wonders. Sure, put your recipe all together in ONE dish rather than 12 little ones. But avoid the traditional bakeware pictured and just be sure you use a Green+ Life ceramic coated baking dish, and watch how easy everything serves up.

And finally, let's not forget clean-up. Green+ Life washes up so easy, because there's no caked-on, baked-on anything to scrape and scrub off. A quick wipe with your sudsy dish sponge and you're done.

So do yourself a double favor: Get your copy of One-Dish Wonders and then pair it up with another one-dish-wonder-the Green+ Life ceramic coated bakeware. You'll wonder how you ever lived without either of these products!


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